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Welcome to the Disc jockey Guide.
Music collections from yesterday and today. Comedy to Country, Rock to Rap. Were working on our collections. Have some you would like to add? Join for free.

Mondo Boffo with scorpio. (a)

Mondo Boffo with scorpio. (a)   Description
I wanna be a Marine. (Adult)

Played : 483

Rating :

Richard Pryor. (Super Nigger)

Richard Pryor. (Super Nigger)   Description
Super Nigger. "Adult material"

Played : 496

Rating :

George Carlin (carnegie 2)

George Carlin (carnegie 2)   Description
Head Cheese. "Live at Canegie Hall"

Played : 466

Rating :

Dean and the weanies. (1)

Dean and the weanies. (1)   Description
F--k you. (Adult)

Played : 497

Rating :

Richard Pryor. (Cocaine)

Richard Pryor. (Cocaine)   Description
Cocaine. "Adult Material"

Played : 473

Rating :

Gus and the snowmen. (1)

Gus and the snowmen. (1)   Description
Some girls. (Adult)

Played : 473

Rating :

David Allen Coe (csomp)

David Allen Coe (csomp)   Description
D.A.C. Cum stains on my pillow. (Adult)

Played : 528

Rating :

David Allen Coe. (pwa)

David Allen Coe. (pwa)   Description
Pussy whipped again.

Played : 467

Rating :

United States Bullshit

United States Bullshit   Description
George Carlin, USA

Played : 84

Rating :

Weird Al Yankovic (a)

Weird Al Yankovic (a)   Description
Jurassic Park. (Adult)

Played : 518

Rating :

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