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Welcome to the Disc jockey Guide.
Music collections from yesterday and today. Comedy to Country, Rock to Rap. Were working on our collections. Have some you would like to add? Join for free.

Robin Williams

Robin Williams   Description
Blame Canada.

Played : 499

Rating :

Cletus Judge.

Cletus Judge.   Description
First redneck on the internet.

Played : 498

Rating :

Funniest biker video.

Funniest biker video.   Description
Great movie clip.

Played : 483

Rating :

Ray Stevens. (sc)

Ray Stevens. (sc)   Description
Shriners Convention. "Classic southern comedy"

Played : 487

Rating :

Ceech & Chong (scahol)

Ceech & Chong (scahol)   Description
Santa Claus and his Old lady

Played : 508

Rating :

Blues Brothers (rb)

Blues Brothers (rb)   Description
Rubber Biscuit. 1978

Played : 563

Rating :


F**k has become the most important word

Played : 391

Rating :

Cheech & Chong

Cheech & Chong   Description
Sister Mary Elephant

Played : 539

Rating :

Bill Cosby (nr)

Bill Cosby (nr)   Description
Noah right!

Played : 548

Rating :

Leonard Nimoy (i)

Leonard Nimoy (i)   Description
Leonard Nemoy doing a funny naration.

Played : 491

Rating :

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